Aidan Jones

Aidan completed his acting training in Bath Spa University in 2016 before returning to his welsh roots. After predominantly being a theatre actor, he turned his gaze towards Film and TV and ended up winning the role of Benedict Cahill in Generation Y.

Laura Day

This is Laura's first acting job, after always wanting to pursue a career in acting, got in contact about coming to auditons and ended up winning the role after a completly natural but mesmerising performance that had the wholke crew convinced shes been acting for years.

Ben Candy

Ben is very ambitious and dedicated when I comes to acting and has featured in many short films, he has also acting in ‘Spirit Breaker’ and ‘Mumdem’ both Amazon Prime video by Fun Clamp productions and also played Rick in 'Tuesday at Jackies' that aired on BBC 2 in 2016

Luke Davies

He is a Television presenter and actor and currently working for one of the eight Made Television stations in the UK (Made In Cardiff).

“Generation Y” is a comedy / drama that tells the story of a group of young people as they enter the world of higher education in the world’s first and only University for Superheroes. The goal of the British Institute of Superhero Excellence is to hone the abilities of those endowed with special gifts in order to create a new generation of heroes and make the world a safer place.

Follow Alice, Benedict, George and Zac as they embark on a journey of self discovery, friendship and banter.

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