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Casting Call for Generation Y - Superhero Feature Film. South Wales based

“Generation Y” is a comedy / drama that tells the story of a group of young people as they enter the world of higher education in the world’s first and only University for Superheroes. The goal of the British Institute of Superhero Excellence is to hone the abilities of those endowed with special gifts in order to create a new generation of heroes and make the world a safer place. Follow George, Alice, Zac and Benedict as they embark on a journey of self discovery, friendship and banter. Generation Y originally started it's life out as a 6 part web series that garnered some attention from the welsh media which you can read about. Production began on the project but had to be put on hold due to availability of cast / crew going to work for the dreaded and wonderful BBC. After work finished we all deliberated on the future of the project and decided that the way forward with this project would be to produce it as a single standalone feature with scope to carry on if this one is a success. Some members of the lead cast members are nailed on but there's still a few pieces missing left that we need to complete the puzzle This is a first time/no budget feature film. The budget we had was raised during the time we were shooting the series version. But we will offer expenses and food and love to make sure no one is out of pocket for taking part in this. As mentioned this is a first time/no budget feature but we do have some amazingly talented crew members that are working in the industry for companies like Bad Wolf, BBC, HBO and Netflix. So we're doing our best to make sure this will be the best it can possibly be.

The roles available are:

Zac: Male aged 18-26:

Zac is a time travelling smart arse that loves a drink or two and lives for the banter. He always manages to get himself into some form of trouble and has little regard for anyone but his close friends.

"Other" Alice: Female aged 18-28:

Alice is the lead character of the film and she has the power to shape change. So I would say for just under half the film she changes shape into another girl so she can "fit in" with the it crowd in Uni. She's a very feisty character with hell of a mouth on her but is hiding something deep down.

Sophie: Female aged 18-28:

Sophie is the Regina George of the film. The "It" girl that everyone wants to be friends with. Features in about 1/3 of the film and has some really nice character pieces with Alice and the other leads towards the end of the film. A role you can really have fun with.

Laura / Ashleigh: Female aged 18-28

Laura and Ashleigh are the lackeys of Sophie. Not as mean as her but still do her bidding. Not as much dialogue for these roles, but both feature in a really cool action sequence towards the end of the film so would be perfect for someone starting out wanting to get a bit of experience.

University Lecturer (Shapeshifting): Any sex/age:

The shapeshifting lecturer is a mad character! Very smart and very intelligent, only a brief appearance during one of the early lecturers towards the start of the film so perfect for someone just wanting to maybe dip their toe into acting.

If you are interested in any of the roles above and would like to have any more info or would like to apply please email us a CV @

Thank you

Luke Walters

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