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Casting Call for London 48 Hour Sci-Fi Challenge 13th/14th April

It's that time of year again! The London 48 Hour Sci-fi Challenge! A weekend of fun, adrenaline filled, no sleep filmmaking! So how does the challenge work? Well on the day of the challenge (13/4/19) we are given the TITLE of the film we will make, some DIALOGUE that one of our characters must say to screen, and a list of PROPS that must be seen in the film. We also given an optional scientific theme or idea… this could be nano-tech, cloning, gene-splicing…or something a little more “fringe”.

Once we have all your elements, we have until Monday morning to return the completed movie to the organisers … simples!

Production title: ? Production Type: Independent Project length: Short Film (3-5 minutes) Project format: 2:35:1 HD Posted on: Monday, April 7th, 2019 Production Company: Cinescope Pictures Company website: Director / Producer: Luke Walters Co-Producer: Chris Harkus

Director of Photography: Robin Sparrow-Biggs Shooting Location: Merthyr Tydfil & Surrounding Areas Email:

KEY DATES Brief Received: 11:00am April 13th 2019 Shooting Starts: April 13th Shooting Ends: April 14th





MALE: AGE: 18+

So how does that all sound to you? If you are interested and free both days and want to be a part of this drop us an email and let us know! Once we get the brief through on Saturday and sort out a script we'll be in contact with people that have expressed an interest to take part and sort out some roles! I do realise that letting you know the day of filming is very short notice but it is a great laugh and a great experience and by Monday morning we'll all have a film uploaded and online for the world to see!

If you want to be involved please email us at

Thank you! See you on the other side!

Luke Walters x

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