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Casting Call for Two Short Films - South Wales

Good afternoon everyone!

Just a quick one on this surprisingly sunny day. We are currently looking for cast members for two new short films we currently have in development. Titled "Take Control" and "War of The Worlds". Take Control is a very serious drama and War of The Worlds is a light hearted comedy!

We've been very fortunate to work with some amazing actors so far in our previous productions, we now have another casting call for some quite challenging roles that you'll hopefully be interested in. Please apply if you are south wales based or can stay/travel easily as travel fees will be covered.

The first film is called Take Control, it tells the story of Bethany an A Star student that achieves her dream of going to uni. Only to be stopped by her abusive manipulative boyfriend Aaron. We want to tell the story of what it's like to be in a controlling abusive relationship and how it can effect your future prospects, the film does deal with very adult themes.

It's a very powerful script written by BBC Wales writer A.J Rafferty. Implied abuse rather than actual physical abuse. Like we see the young couple argue with each other then she appears with a bruise. Or she tries to walk out the room but the boyfriend slams the door to stop her leaving then they argue. We never see any physical abuse only see the results.

For this short we are casting for the roles of Bethany (Lead), Aaron (Co-lead) and Tasha (minor role)

The other film War of The Worlds, tells the story of failed radio DJ host Jeff and how he tries to revive his career by re-creating the infamous Orson Wells War of The Worlds radio broadcast for the modern audience.

The roles we are casting for this short are Jeff (Lead), George (Lead), Anna (Minor role), and Tom (Minor role.)

If you'd like any more info about the roles or would like to apply you can either email me at or apply via star now where there will be a more in-depth character break down of each role. - Take Control - War of The Worlds

These roles are expenses only.

Thank you!

Luke Walters

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